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      LS series - double rod type

      2015-01-20 126

      Product Feature

        LS series double earrings type magnetostrictive displacement sensor, linear displacement measurement is suitable for the external installation.Aluminum profile products electronic head all placed inside shell, double earrings and clamp piece at the same time, the sensor can be either one-way tensile (using the clamp piece), and can double stretch (do not use the clamp piece), compact structure, easy to use.


      Technical Parameters

        Analog Output
      Project Name Standard/Parameter
      Measurement Range 50-2500mm
      Output Signal 4~20mA; 0~10V
      Resolution 14 bit D/A 
      Non-linearity <±0.02%F.S.
      Repeatability <±0.002%F.S.
      Response Frequency Related to the range
      Operating Voltage 24VDC (-15/+20%)
      Working Temp - 40℃~+85℃
      Protective Ability IP65
      Way To Install Tingle,match M5X20 Full dog point socket set use




      Double earrings rod type


      Electrical Connection


      Analog Output Needle Size Line Color Definition

      1 grey Output Signal,0-10VDC
      2 pink Signal earth
      3 palm +24VDC(±10%)
      4 white A direct current source
      5   throw out of gear