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      FT series - rigid rod type

      2015-01-20 120

      Product Feature

        FT series rigid rod type liquid level sensor, using standard M18X1. 5 / M20x1. 5 thread interface installation, points front and side line, to facilitate customer choice.

            — Strong anti-interference ability

            — High degree of protection(IP68)

            — Low power consumption

            — High precision

            — Can provide double interface level measurement (oil/gas, oil/water)


      Technical parameters

        Analog Output SSI Output
      Project Name Standard/Parameter Standard/Parameter
      Measurement Range 50-5000mm 50-5000mm
      Output Signal  4~20mADC; 0~10VDC RTU signal, RS485/RS422
      Resolution 16 bit D/A  0.1mm
      Non-linearity <±0.05%F.S. <±0.05%F.S.
      Hysteresis  <±0.002%F.S. <±0.002%F.S.
      The temperature coefficient of 0.007%F.S./℃
      Operating Voltage 24VDC (-15/+20%)
      Working Temp - 40℃~+85℃ 
      Protective Ability Ordinary type, flameproof, the Ann model
      Way To Install Installed thread, flange (optional)


      Boundary Dimension


      Flange dimensions
      法兰代码 FL-1 FL-2
      法兰规格 DN80-PN2.0MPa DN80-PN5.0MPa
      D 190 210
      X 127 127
      K 152.5 168.5
      H 24 29
      n-Фd 4-Ф18 8-Ф22
      C 2 2
      国标 GB9123.1-2000 GB9123.1-2000


      Electrical Connection


      Analog Output Needle Size Line Color Definition Modbus Output Needle Size Line Color Definition
      1 grey Output Signal:4-20mA,0-10V 1 grey A(RS485)
      2 pink Signal earth 2 pink B(RS485)
      3 palm +24VDC(±10%) 3 palm +24VDC(±10%)
      4 white A direct current source 4 white A direct current source