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      LH - walking machine compact series

      2015-01-20 126

      Product Feature

        LH series internal compact products, electronic head size only 48 mm (diameter) - 22/35 mm (thickness), suitable for electronic head installation space has strict with built-in measuring occasions.Compact structure, strong anti-interference ability;

        Optional sensor output signal includes: 4 ~ 20 ma current (positive and reverse) and voltage is 0 ~ 10 v (positive and reverse), can be widely used in engineering machinery, machinery, power machinery, etc.


      Technical Parameters


        Analog Output
      Project Name Standard/Parameter
      Measurement Range 50-2500mm
      Output Signal 4~20mA;0~10V
      Resolution 16 bit D/A
      Non-linearity <±0.04%F.S.
      Repeatability <±0.005%F.S.
      Response Frequency Related to the range
      Operating Voltage 24VDC (-15/+20%)
      Working Temp - 40℃~+85℃
      Protective Ability IP67,Rod pressure:35MPa continuous/70MPa peak
      Way To Install Built-in installation, end face of the flange, with six M6X16 special screws


      Boundary Dimension


      output cable




      Electrical Connection


      Analog Output Needle Size Line Color  

      Provide only straight cable products

      1 grey Output Signal,4-20MA;0-10VDC
      2 pink Signal earth
      3 palm +24VDC(±10%)
      4 white A direct current source


      The circular is commonly used
      OD33  magnet ring OD25.4  magnet ring OD17.4  magnet ring
      thickness of the 8mm thickness of the 8mm thickness of the 8mm